A lamp for life: How we're creating the heirlooms of the future

Not content to just make pleasing products that are easy on the eye, we want to understand what makes people connect with a product. We all have a few objects in our life which we love, we take care of and we may one day pass on. It’s a hard thing to capture and define but for us there are a few ways we aim to build that connection.

First and foremost are the materials and processes we use to make things. These must be appropriate and resonate with our customers’ ideas of quality and sustainability. If it’s not the easiest way, then that’s not necessarily a bad thing either. Creating something new of real value always has its challenges.

Then there’s that moment of making a ‘connection’ with the product. With a design and form that invites people to interact and play with it, that connection can be formed in a moment. We see it again and again when people play with the lamp. It starts with a little curiosity, then people get more adventurous as they push, pull and stretch the lamp. By the end, there’s a real bond there.

Finally it’s helping people understand how and why the product works. Along with its self balancing mechanism, the lamp is designed using exposed brass and conducting contacts to carry the power from the base to head - giving the design a clean, cord-free silhouette. It’s important to us that people understand these neat engineering features. We share our process and the inner workings as much as possible on Instagram, our website and whenever we show the lamp. This allows our customers to care for their products and speak about them intelligently and with pride. As designers, what more could we ask for?

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