The power of small decisions

It’s official and a welcome bit of good news that we’re now consuming energy like it’s 1984. That’s right, after peaking our energy consumption in 2005, we’ve now lowered our usage per person to what it was 35 years ago.

And how did we get there? Through making small and considered changes to improve energy efficiency like switching to LED bulbs. 

Often referred to as the Cinderella effect (working away quietly in the background), this approach isn’t the most glamorous of ways to save the environment and certainly doesn’t grab the headlines as much as renewable tech or activism but it does make a real tangible difference. 

A representative from the Lighting association once told us that if the UK switch to LED across the board, there would be no need for the Hinkley Point Nuclear plant - a project that has cost £22.5bn to date and is still not operational. 

For us, there was no question as to whether our lamp should use LED bulbs. We use a standard off-the-shelf Cree LED bulb (chip) that should last up to 25 years with an estimated usage of 8 hours a day. In 25 years when that bulb runs out - we’ve designed our lamps so that the LED can be easily replaced. We’ve used components that are widely stocked and should be easy to order when required. 

It’s very important to us as designers, that we create products that can be used, loved and cared for. That the bulbs can be replaced and the products can live on rather than become landfill when the LED runs out. 

Sustainability is at the core of what we do. It informs all our decisions as it should any modern business. Using LED bulbs is just one of the ways we try to lower our impact on the planet and we’ll continue to strive to make the right decisions for our planet at every stage of our business. 

To read more about this great news, read the article from the BBC.


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