our story…

Herston was officially established in 2017 by creative partners Oliver & Greta Chambers with the mission to create beautifully designed, highly functional and quality products that people are proud to own. The Herston Desk Lamp is the first product in that range. With a collective two decades of experience in product design, communication design and strategy, they work closely across all areas of the business. Bringing different perspectives and problem solving solutions to each of the challenges to they face on the product design and development journey. 


oliver chambers

As a Dyson-trained industrial designer with over 15 years experience, Oliver has developed successful products for brands such as Dyson, Joseph Joseph and Shark Ninja. He is adept at designing for successful manufacturing and specialises in complex design challenges for consumer products. With a family heritage in cabinet making and antiques, Oliver’s appreciation for craftmanship and natural materials have led him to introduce more traditional and long-lasting processes into his modern design work. Oliver’s key focus within Herston is the product development, engineering and manufacturing process. He’s brought numerous products to market before, and is perfectly placed to deliver the level of quality and functionality the Herston Desk Lamp requires.


greta chambers

Greta has been designing digital solutions for some of the world’s leading brands for over 15 years. With a degree and specialism in digital communications and product design, her strengths and experience have led her into more strategic design roles, consulting with high profile clients on how design thinking and processes can help build their businesses. Greta looks at Herston from a user-centric, strategic point of view - constantly asking why are we doing this? What problems are we solving? And what will the customer experience be?