About Us



Our Vision

We believe that combining genuinely useful innovation with timeless, high quality design is something that the world needs more of. Once we have launched our Hero Desk Lamp, we are keen to build on the idea with a larger lighting range. However, we do not want to be known as a lighting company alone. The vision for Herston is to apply our design ethos to any objects where we feel there’s an opportunity to create engaging products that people are proud to own and hold onto for years to come.



Our Founders

Herston was established in 2017 by creative partners Oliver and Greta Chambers with the mission to create beautifully designed, highly functional and quality products that people are proud to own. The Hero Desk Lamp is the first in the range, with further products in the pipeline for 2020.

With the knowledge and experience gained from his years of working at Dyson, coupled with a longstanding family heritage in antiques and craftsmanship, Oliver's experience forms the foundation for the company's vision. Greta comes to the company with a background in advertising and digital storytelling and works hard to build a strong relationship between the customers and the brand through sharing their story and manufacturing journey. 



Our Story

After launching our desk lamp through Kickstarter in 2017 to a resounding success, we've been given the unique opportunity to build our product and introduce our brand with a supportive and engaged customer base already in place. Kickstarter is a great platform for launching a product, with a strong, supportive community and global reach.

Now we're looking to the future, to building both trade and customer relationships as a consumer brand - and we can not wait!